July 9, 2019 Ryan Lavigne

We’re back with another episode (finally) after a few weeks of me (Ryan) getting settled back into the ‘dad-life’ with a brand new baby girl into the mix!

Since I’ve opened this centre I’ve had countless people ask me what got me into float therapy, wondering what convinced me to share this unique experience with our community. Given the state of my own mental health back a couple years back and a suggestion by a brother of mine to try out a bit of tank time, I finally stepped into a tank and ultimately changed my life and the outlook I had on it.

Is it a cure-all? Not by any stretch. But does it help? 100%

Was I a bit nervous for my first float? Of course I was…. I was unsure about what to expect was was riddled with expectations. Throughout the course of my first time in a tank, however, I did manage to quiet my mind and let go. It was without a doubt, a life-changing experience and the foundation for this business and the principles that guide our approach.

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  • No Guest This Week: This is Ryan's personal story
  • Runtime: 10min 50sec
  • Recorded: 2019/07/05

Looking to float in the Halifax area??

Also, for our friends in Nova Scotia or for those of you travelling through and want some tank time when in Halifax, be sure to check out The Floatation Centre! Not only are they super chill folks offering float therapy, but they have a wide assortment of other wellness services to make sure you are living your best life!!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! If you think you have any great ideas for a show or think you would be a great guest for an episode don’t hesitate to reach out! Let’s build this wellness community together!

Until the next episode: relax. renew. repeat… float