The Float Tank : Your Personal Pandemic Paradise

October 28, 2020
October 28, 2020 Ryan Lavigne

Though floatation tanks have been around since the 1950’s they have reached an all-time high in popularity over the last decade… and with good reason. Advancements in technology and the accessibility of information (and misinformation), life is moving at an alarming rate. Tools built specifically to connect us have led to a disconnection from those closest to us, and inevitably ourselves. They have actually created a world of increased stress, anxiety, and depression. As a result, life balance is at a tipping point.Throw a global pandemic into the mix and we’ve got a real problem on our hands.

While Covid-19 has indeed stirred up a lot of reflection and insight, it has also brought on a load of new stress and anxiety, along with collateral damage to sleep patterns, pain syndromes, and other health related issues. Workloads have doubled with the constant need for disinfecting, contact tracking, and social distancing. Many of the therapy options that were previously available to us have either reduced their services or have been forced to close their doors (some unfortunately for good). The trips and vacations that we used to enjoy have been taken away from us and now, as the colder weather and shorter days hit, Seasonal Affective Disorder will reach an all-time high.

This is precisely where float tanks can help. In a world that is constantly ‘on’ it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a way to ‘unplug’, escape and reset. It’s a break from the craziness that has taken over our lives.

During your float, you focus on your heartbeat, your breath, your thoughts or nothingness. Let your mind wander through a meditative landscape while listening to a soothing audio playlist, select your favourite colour of light, or shut it all off and enjoy the quiet expanse of complete darkness. Before long you realize that your thoughts are slowing and your mindscape is shifting to an unbelievable calm. You realize that great idea that’s been just out of reach, you consider what is really important in your own world, you smile knowing that time for you is more important than ever, and you’ve taken the opportunity for just that.

Your session ends and, as you get out of the tank, you feel noticeably different. You feel refreshed. Your muscles feel rested, your mind is quiet and clear, and your mood is brighter. You feel more resilient and adaptable to your surroundings.

The simple act of stopping, has made this whole pandemic and life in general, feel more manageable, and you’re ready to approach your day in a more positive light.


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