People all over the world use sensory deprivation tanks for a very broad range of reasons. While some may seek the solace of a tank to help manage symptoms of anxiety or depression, others may be after the many physical benefits from floatation or from the epsom salts.


• Stress relief
• Deeper meditation
• Improved sleep
• Eliminate fatigue & jet lag
• Increased motivation & focus
• Reduce anxiety & depression
• Relief from PTSD symptoms
• Energize, rejuvenate, and revitalize
• Create mental clarity
• Manifest your dreams and goals


• Relax muscles & joints
• Improve posture
• Relieve back & neck pain
• Ease arthritis & migraines
• Aid recovery from injury
• Athletic recovery
• Reduce bloating
• Epsom salts promote great skin
• Deeper sleep
• Facilitate freedom from bad habits


• Increase creativity
• Aids in visualization and hypnosis
• Expand awareness
• Enable self reflection
• Accelerate learning
• Release emotions from past and present
• Reconnect with yourself while disconnecting from everything else

interested in digging deeper?

Although floatation therapy has been around for decades, it has only recently found it’s way back into the spotlight of the global wellness stage.

With the help of modern technology and scientific practices, the effects of floatation therapy have been clinically proven to mitigate the symptoms associated with anxiety-based disorders.

A website has been launched ( as a hub for all clinical float findings. It is an exciting time for the industry indeed!