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I graduated from the massage therapy program at Eastern College in Saint John in 2012.

I am extremely passionate about what I do to help my clients, and offer therapeutic or relaxation massage therapy treatments.  I have treated a multitude of different conditions over my past 7 yrs of practice and have been able to add to my skills by incorporating a wide range of different modalities into my treatment including deep tissue,  trigger point therapy, TMJ, cupping, and lymph drainage. As well, I have been studying cranial sacral therapy in the USA over the past 6 years.

Massage therapy can be helpful to all ages and for many conditions,  a few including stress, tension, pain (due to joint/muscles, headaches,  & most health conditions.)

I look forward to helping each of my clients to better reconnect your mind and body, to bring to you a higher level of health and awareness.

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