November 15, 2018 Ryan Lavigne

As we anxiously wait for news regarding shipping and delivery from our manufacturer, we thought that we could share some information regarding the actual units that we will have on site here at our centre.

We mulled over many different options, chatted with several float tank builders and float shop owners alike and landed on Float Pod Technologies and their ‘Float Pod®.’ Not only do they have an amazing visual aesthetic and lots of room inside, but they are also loaded with some bold new technologies and features that we know our clients are going to love!

While float ‘purists’ might prefer the traditional no light, no sound experience, others may prefer to take advantage of these new in-tank options.

An auxiliary jack on the outside of the pod will allow you to connect your phone or other media device. That carefully curated relaxation playlist you’ve been building has just reached a whole new level!

Select a favourite light colour or cycle through all of them. This new chromotherapy addition will let you choose the colour(s) that you find most relaxing during your session.

Question? Need something? Communicating with us from within the pod is only the touch of a button away with the in-tank intercom system.

Want to learn more or see it in action? Check out Float Pod’s official video here.