January 7, 2019 Ryan Lavigne

Can I get the same experience home in my bathtub? The short answer; probably not, and here’s why.

There are many distinct characteristics that differentiate the experience one can have at home, in their bathtub, from a proper float therapy session in a centre designed to offer it.

Unless you are about two feet tall and weigh almost nothing, being at home in a bathtub will be nothing compared to laying in a float tank. Without the space to float and experience the sense of weightlessness, your brain is still hard at work processing gravity, the pressure of the tub on your body, and more. The inside of our tanks provide you with 35+ square feet of space to lay effortlessly on top of the water, stretch out your arms, and legs and relax.

Your skin regulates itself to 93.5°F (Approx. 34°C) and that is exactly where our tanks maintain their water temperature. You would be forever trying to find the exact temperature with a bathtub faucet, only to have that water cool itself significantly before you filled the tub (not to mention how much it would cool off over the course of your makeshift ‘float.’) A float tank will take the guesswork out of everything and give you a consistent and maintained temperature every time!

Epsom Salt
Sure, you could throw some Epsom Salt in your bath and have a soak.  In order to reach the same density of water found in our tanks you would need to spend an astronomical amount of money for something you wouldn’t have the room to float in anyway. The constant temperature in our tanks combined with the filtration system ensure that our salt is dissolved and clean for each one of our clients. We take great pride in measuring it daily in order to provide you with the optimal float experience.

While you might think that your home is pretty quiet, if you take a moment and really listen, I’m sure you’ll hear the traffic outside, pipes creaking, pets running around, the washing machine, the home phone, and so many more little things that begin to add up. At Fundy Float we take every precaution and have invested a great deal into the soundproofing of our rooms. You are sure to enjoy the true benefits of silence as long as you turn your phone down!

At the end of the day, our centre and float pods are designed to leave you distraction free, to the point of having nearly no external stimuli for your brain to process. By removing these stimuli and distractions, the brain can relax and, by doing that,  relax your entire system both physically and mentally!

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