November 21, 2019 Ryan Lavigne
The holidays are a time of family, friends, and stress….. We spend countless hours looking for the perfect gift(s) for the people we love. Have you considered gifting them a float? What do you get the person who seems to have everything? Nothing! Or at least the opportunity to experience an opportunity to completely ‘let go.’
We have Gift Certificates here at the centre ready to roll and have 6 great reasons why floating makes the perfect gift!
  1. Give the Gift of an Experience.
    We tire easily of things but tend to hold on to,and value, memories more. A gifted experience gives the receiver something to look forward to rather than something that is used once or twice before retired to a cupboard or a shelf.
  2. We Don’t Dedicate Enough Time or Energy to Self Care.
    In the hustle and bustle of modern living, we rarely make the time to dedicate the time or energy to ourselves. While we are firm believers that self-care is an investment rather than an expense, often people choose to spend their hard earned dollars on something other than themselves. By purchasing a float, they are given an opportunity to treat themselves to something they normally wouldn’t.
  3. Floating Can Benefit Nearly Everybody.
    While there are exceptions to every rule, floating is generally a safe and enjoyable practice for just about anybody. While we offer float sessions for clients 18 and up, we’re proud to have clients from just about every walk of life.
  4. Enjoy Some Unexpected Benefits.
    We often have clients that come in for one reason and leave pleasantly surprised by something they might not have expected. Those that might come in to relax leave with a better understanding of where and how they hold their tension and leave feeling better. Clients that come in for chronic pain or athletic relief might learn something new about life or themselves… The possibilities are endless.
  5. Floating Can Make a Fantastic Start to a Date Night.
    A night away from the kids, pets, and life in general is a great thing. We enjoy having clients that make floating a great start to a date night. While you get to enjoy your own private pod for a float, it gives you a fantastic experience to chat about over a great meal after. The bonus? After a float food tends to be more flavourful, smells more fragrant, and the colours are more vibrant.
  6. It’s a Chance to Support Local.
    Ok… while maybe not float specific, Fundy Float Corp. is a locally owned and operated business. We are not a part of a franchise, but decided to open our centre simply to benefit the people in our own community. Purchasing float sessions for your loved ones not only benefits the lucky recipient, but helps us keeps the centre afloat (see what we did there?) So that our whole community can benefit for years to come!
Stop in today and grab a float centre gift certificate for that special someone! Or, if you’d rather, grab one online in the form of an e-card that you can email or even schedule to email directly to someone. Stop by our website: You’ll even find some brand new holiday-themed designs to choose from!